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Rolling Recipes Index

Hello! As I continue to work on this blog you will begin to see a series I have created called Rolling Recipes. The concept of this series was born out of my desire to keep my fridge and pantry updated and always fresh. Which means that whenever a recipe calls for an ingredient I don’t normally use or keep on hand, I was constantly searching for ways to use it up. I also realized that I refrained from trying out new recipes for fear of having an uncontrollable pantry if it didn’t call for staples I normally used. I would hate the notion that we all stopped trying new things and potentially wonderful discoveries because of this.

Thus Rolling Recipes was born.

In each of the series I begin with a fabulous (of course!) recipe. The next recipe I post in the series will use a common ingredient in hopes that it will help you utilize your pantry and fridge items to the best possible way. The recipes in the series continue along the same vein. Each series will begin with a number and followed by a sub-section number to indicate it’s place in the series. For instance in my inaugural series I started with a purple rice pudding labelled 1.1. The following recipe highlighted purple rice again in my torta di riso rice cake recipe labelled 1.2 which uses maple syrup. The next recipe following will be a carrot souffle using maple syrup and labelled 1.3 and on it will go.

I am having such a great time creating this series, discovering new recipes and re-discovering old stand-bys. I am so pleased to do this and I hope that you will find much use of it as well.

Bon appetite!


Rolling Recipes Series 1
1.1 Forbidden Purple Rice Pudding [Purple rice]
1.2 Forbidden Purple Rice Cake with Warm Peach and Ginger Sauce [Purple Rice]
1.3 Carrot Souffle [Ginger]
1.4 Ginger 3 Ways: Honey Lollipops, Milk Pudding, and Buried [Ginger]

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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