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Mochi Madness

I love eating mochi, a chewy Asian sweet dumpling made from rice flour, but always thought it was difficult to make. How wrong I was. My mom showed me how to make mochi over the holidays and below are the instructions and photos from that session. It is so absolutely simple to Mochi and I am so anxious to try other variations including an ice cream version.  A variation to the dumpling skin can be made easily as well, such as adding a tbsp of macha powder for a green tea flavour or cocoa powder for chocolate. This sweet dumpling is often filled with sweetened bean paste and then covered powdered sugar. My favourite is a filling made up of peanuts, sesame, and coconut which is what I used for today’s recipe. The main ingredient in making the mocha is glutinous rice flour. It is a staple in Asian cooking so it will be very easy to find in any Asian grocery, and I have seen it sold in mainstream grocery stores as well.

Forgive the quality of the photos, these were taken on my phone at night.

mochi flour

You will need

1 package glutinous rice flour
10 oz granulated white sugar (It is measured as a fluid ounce in a measuring cup and not by weight)
22 oz water
1tsp vegetable oil

Filling (proportions are to your own taste)
Unsweetened Coconut (smallest flake size you can find)
Sesame seeds
Crushed Peanuts

Plate of small flaked unsweetened coconut for rolling

Small cupcake liners
Disposable gloves or plastic wrap
Shallow dish for steaming
Pot with water large enough to place dish to steam

  1. In a medium sized bowl, mix together the rice flour, granulated sugar, flour, and oil until it is smooth and free of lumps.
    mochi combine ingredients

mochi mixing ingredients

  1.  Pour half of the mixture into a shallow dish and steam for 20 minutes. Following the remaining instructions to make the mochi with this half and then repeat for second half. Splitting the mixture ensures the mochi mixture remains pliable and warm.

mochi steaming

  1. After 20 minutes, remove the dish from the steamer and let cool for no longer than 5 minutes. While it is still very warm start working to make mochi. Once it is too cool it cannot be worked with, but you can re steam it to soften.

  2. Using a tablespoon, spoon the mixture and roll in the coconut lightly. With your gloved hands or with the plastic wrap, flatten the mochi.
    mochi spooning

  3. Spoon 2 tsp worth of the filling into the middle of the mocha and begin to pinch the sides together to seal.
    mochi filling

mochi pinching

  1. Roll the finished mocha in coconut flakes again.
    mochi finished pinching

  2. Set in cupcake liners.


p>mochi finished

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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