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Haute Couture Rainbow Loom

The Rainbow Loom finally reared its crafty head in this household when my kids got the bracelet making looms for Christmas. If you haven’t heard of the Rainbow Loom craze yet, it is a plastic peg loom smaller than the size of a keyboard where rubber band bracelets, charms, and key chains can be twisted and tied with the aid of a crochet-like hook. Popular with the tweens, you can only imagine that the most popular colour of rubber bands are in bright neon hues with a smattering of neutral and metallic options. I think this is a fantastic ‘toy’ for kids because it increase dexterity, concentration, creativity, and it’s not an electronic gadget. My kids have actually reduced their TV and iPad time because they have been so busy looming. Of course, I have also become addicted to looming and coming up with my own designs.

Ever the supportive mother, I encourage my children’s creativity by displaying or wearing their creations. So when the neon and rainbow coloured bracelets began being churned out, I was already thinking of ways I can pull them off at work in my dresses and suit jackets. That’s when I started looming my own bracelets during our sessions creating more subdued versions for myself. I made so many and started wearing them at work, jokingly calling them my haute couture looms. I also love the whimsical juxtaposition of mirroring fancy jewelry with a kid’s rubber band craft. When others started asking me about which patterns and colours I used, I thought it would be a neat idea for me to post my creations here to share with you.

I thought I would take the cues from recent fashion trends to springboard off of by using chevron, golds, and ombre as inspiration. Rather than recreate the wheel, I will be posting others’ Youtube videos that I used to help me create the patterns, while I provide some details on the colours and placement of the bands.

Click on the pattern names to take you to the Youtube instructional videos.

(1) This chevron design was created using the 4 Pin Fishtail pattern. There are several ways of creating the fishtail pattern, my favourite being the 4 pin method which is actually very similar to French Knitting. Rather than alternating colours as demonstrated in the video, I used the same colour 3 times in a row, then switched to the second colour for 3 bands in a row and alternated until finished.

Rainbow Loom Black and White Chevron Patter

As you can see by my demonstration below, I already loomed 3 black elastics and started on with placing the white elastic.

loom chevron setup

(2) The second design is in a Double Cross Fishtail pattern using teal and gold. This has to be my absolute favourite bracelet I have made so far. I absolutely adore the colour combinations. I used metallic gold, metallic purple, and teal.

Rainbow Loom Gold and Teal Double Cross Fishtail

My photos below show the elastic placement I used as I followed along with the linked video. To create the metallic purple on the outside, you must continually place the same coloured bands on top of each other while alternating the teal and gold on the same pegs.

loom double cross setuploom double cross setup 2

(3) One of my favourites is this ombre Dragon Scale pattern, created by Cheryl Mayberry. This chunky cuff was made using 8 pins (the more pins the thicker the cuff) and I used black, grey, silver, and clear bands to create this look.

loom ombre dragonscale cuff

loom dragonscale setup

(4)  This bracelet is my tongue in cheek designs in which I re-created the iconic Tiffany heart charm bracelet using the Single Chain pattern and attaching a Heart Charm with an additional ‘s’ hook. The entire bracelet was made using silver metallic bands.  A word of warning, the heart charm would be considered an advanced level design and it took me several tries before I successfully created one. Patience is definitely required for this one!

loom tiffany finished

(5) This teal, white, and gold Flower Burst pattern is quite pretty and is a great spring or summer bracelet. It sort of reminds me of Turquoise stones. I used teal, white, and gold with gold as the connecting colour between blooms.

Rainbow Loon Flower Burst Pattern

Again, this pattern is intricate and would be considered an intermediate level pattern. In addition it takes a fair bit of time to complete and if you have only 1 loom you will have to repeat the pattern a second time to make it long enough, for large wrists may require a third repetition. Therefore, it will take approximately 1 hour or longer to complete. If you have two looms, you can extend it to make one long loom to save time.

(6) This metallic silver and metallic red bracelet was made using the Raindrop pattern which is a very pretty pattern that has the effect of a braided fishtail pattern lying overtop a bottom layer.

loom raindrops finished

As per the my pictures below, since the silver is the bottom colour, place the bands as the framing colour, and place the purple bands down the middle of the loom. Unlike the video, I used only 2 colours, therefore if you want to follow along with the linked video, consider the single middle colour as both “B” and “C” while the silver band is “A”.

loom raindrops setup

(7) Lastly, I wanted to make a ring. Just to have some fun and be a whee bit whimsical, this is my take on Kate Middleton’s engagement ring with blue metallic bands simulating the blue emerald and clear bands simulating the diamonds. This was made using the Flower Burst Ring pattern, and I strayed from the video doubling up on the clear bands to create a thicker border. Therefore instead of one band around the border, I used 2 clear band.

Rainbow Loom Flower Burst Ring

I love to hear your comments and suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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