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Organizing Your Life One App at a Time

As I adopt more and more technology into my daily life I am always delighted to find so many innovative ways to help me along. My iPhone and iPad are no longer just vehicles for me to play games, watch movies, or read. They are now valuable tools to help me stay organized and on track in a myriad of ways. I’ve used fitness apps and grocery list apps for years but there are more and more niche programs out there that can handle  our most specific needs. The saying “There’s an app for that” does not ring any truer.


Stylebook is an app that helps you organize and catalogue your clothing. This app will keep track of what you own, take note of most frequently worn items and lets you plan future outfits. A built in calendar will help you track when you wore which item. You can upload every single piece of item you own onto this little app from clothing to shoes to accessories. You can also link to retail store items to create wishlists or a virtual closet. An inspiration board and helpful packing lists round out this handy little app.

Home Routines

This app is one of the to rates apps to help you clean and tidy your home. This tool will help you create custom task lists and break those tasks down by days of the week and drill down even further to assign them during specific times of the day.


Ever wish you had a financial planner in your back pocket? Mint is a powerful budgeting and expense management tool. What sets it apart from other personal finance apps, it not only tracks expenditures and minds your budget, but it will also give a long term financial plan. It will even generate personalized spending and savings plans to help you reach your financial goals.

Key Ring

If you are anything like me half of your wallet is dedicated to rewards cards. And you understand how frustrating it is when you realized you left the one you needed at home. Keyring is an app that allows you to upload all your cards onto your smartphone and the barcodes are displayed for easy scanning. Now I can carry around that cute little small wallet!


Evernote is akin to a virtual bulletin board that can collect all your thoughts and ideas into 1 central location. It can be in forms of notes, pictures, video, or sound files. With the ability to tag keywords to every item, it is easy to organize and search. I like to see Evernote as a collection of my stream of consciousness thoughts and organizes it for me in a way to make sense of everything.


Ever wonder where the time went? This nifty app will keep track and analyze for you what you spend your days doing. This is particularly handy for those who need to keep track of how much time has been dedicated to a specific project, or perhaps if you have billable hours.


The reQall app consolidates and manages all your calendars, e-mail accounts, and other web programs to develop an intuitive task management system to anticipate your needs. By tracking your existing entries, it becomes predictive of your needs and sets reminders for events or tasks without your prior set up. It even has voice recognition in case you wish to dictate reminders, notes or to-do’s.


The Tripit app is an all in one itinerary organizer for the travellers. It will keep you organized from flights to hotel bookings to car and restaurant reservations.

Packing Pro

The packing pro is essential for anyone who needs help deciding what to bring with them, whether they be short or long trips. You enter the information and based on the number of people (differentiates adults and kids), the number of days, weather, temperature, destination, and even laundry preferences (!) this app will provide suggestions on what to bring.



2 comments on “Organizing Your Life One App at a Time

  1. Simply Save
    December 30, 2013

    I love the Mint app…I get so much use out of it!

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