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Skor Bits Pancake Breakfast Bites [Perfect for School Mornings]

If you are anything like me, finding quick and easy breakfast ideas for kids is a struggle some days. And in some instances, we have to have breakfast on the go. Now if your kids are anything like mine, sometimes the way it’s packaged counts ore than what they are actually eating. If I gave them regular pancakes, they’d probably take a bite or two, hand them these bite sized pancakes in a cute bag and they finished their breakfast in no time.

I decided to use Skor bits because the caramelized sugar replaces the need for maple syrup, making this an easy to eat but full flavored breakfast without any fuss or muss.

You will need:

Your favorite pancake batter

1/2 cup Skor bits

Brown paper bags

1) Mix the pancake batter as you normally do and then mix in the Skor bits

pancake batter with skor

2) I use a small cookie scoop to measure out the perfect sized pancakes but a teaspoon will work as well.

pancake batter scoop

pancake batter frying

3) Using scissors I cut scalloped edges along the top of a paper bag. I then folded the top over and cut a crescent shapr so that unfolded it becomes a handle.

The kids love toting this around in the morning eating their pancake bites.

pancakes bag

pancakes finished portrait banner

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