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Tutorial: How To Make a Square Braid

This braid uses four sections and the results are unlike any other braid I have ever come across. Rather than the usual flat results, the final results wind up being almost square in profile, with all the edges of the braid being similar in diameter.

The pattern of the braid is the take the outside section on alternation sides, cross the section over the two middle sections, and bring it back up between the two middle sections. So it is essentially over 2, under 1 and keep repeating.

Below are the instructions:

square braid 1st step pony

Step 1: Separate hair into 4 sections

square braid steap 2

Step 2: Brin Section A over across B and C

square braid steap 3

Step 3: Bring Section A around and under Section C, between Section C and B

square braid steap 4

Step 4: Repeat on the right hand side by bringing over Section D over what is now Section A and C. Then twist around Section A bringing it under and up through between Section A and C.

square braid steap 5

Step 5: Keep repeating the pattern until finished.

square braid finished


square braid finished close up



Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 5.38.37 PM

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